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Thread: 99 EJ22 into a 99 EJ25

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    99 EJ22 into a 99 EJ25

    I know I'm going to get a lot of flack for this and negative remarks, but I need to know this before I proceed further. I have a 99 Legacy with a good EJ22 and manual tranny and a 99 OBW that originally came with a EJ25 and an Auto tranny. The OBW has had it's engine/tranny pulled already before I acquired it. My intention is to drop the parts from my EJ22 car into the OBW to get it driveable so I can move it to my new house. Everything from the old car has been pulled and ready to install in the new car except for the harness that goes to the ECU. Can I plug my EJ22 ECU into where the EJ25 ECU is or do I have to pull that harness? I'd like to know before I go putting everything into it and find I need to reverse some of the steps. Thanks in advance.

    PS: To the naysayers, I got an unbelievable deal on the OBW and I already know the swap is less than ideal, but I need to roll with it.

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    I would pull the harness from the 99 Ej22 and use it on the 99obw.
    The 99 2.2 moved to phase 2 so the wiring is different specially the idle air control valve. If the car your swapping it to was the early ej22 then you can make it work by just closing the idle air control valve shut and opening up your throttle cable a bit to make it idle. It will idle high but would be driveable. I know it won't work if you have the California version of the Ej22 phase 2 (3 wire iacv) since it uses a different crank/cam gear triggers and trying to use the 25d wiring since it can't control it. Not sure about the 6 wire idle air control valve phase 2 ej22 BUT it might be able to start a 25d. the early ej22 wiring you can switch the cam/crank gear, depin/repin the injector plugs. While your at it you might as well change it to a hydro clutch system instead of cable unless you prefer the cable version.
    You just have to wire in the accessories from the outback to the 99 ej22 since it didn't come with it stock (moonroof/courtesy lights/heated stuff/12v plug on the rears) I did somewhat the same thing on my 97 GT wagon was AT but with (98 OBW wiring/manual trans/etc)

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