Here's a couple photos of my bike, "Ms. Dana". I've had her ten years, and she's got over 106,000 km on on her.

I've done the apes, cables, handlebar controls, tires, wire wheels, custom seat, slash cut pipes, Arlen Ness Big Sucker air cleaner, turn signals, fork brace, lots of polished bits (and more polishing to come), and bunch of stuff I've forgotten. This bike has special meaning to me since my dad loved seeing this bike, and I bought it on my dad's birthday - just after my dad had passed on. This bike has seen me through good times and bad, through college and university, job offers, etc. It will see more adventures in the future as well.

If you cant tell by now, It's one of those bikes that gets into your blood. I get grumpy when I can't ride it, and go into angry mother-bear-mode when it's not around.

Enjoy the photos.