It has been several months, and in the meantime I have largely been doing some maintenance tasks. The distributor had a failing oil seal, so the cap was accumulating oil. Subaru does not sell the seal on its own, so I ended up replacing the entire distributor base. I also replaced the valve cover bolts to spruce it up a little bit since they were only $1 each.
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Last night, I decided to tackle the wiring situation. It has a super simple wiring harness, and I have probably doubled the amount of wiring behind the dash with things like the auxiliary lighting, LED Headlights, power windows, and radio. Since all of these things were done at different times, it just became an intermingled mess of wires, relays, fuses, and random connectors. I also never really cleaned behind the dash, it is still covered in JDM dirt. Here is what it looked like just after the dash coming off:
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I am working systematically across the dash, relocating relays and zip-tying all of the cables so that there will be none exposed, and cleaning up all of the dirt while I am in there.

I have also found that Subaru Japan has been discontinuing parts left and right as of late.. I have been busy sourcing and acquiring spare parts to keep this truck on the road for another 25 years. I now have several boxes full of hoses, gaskets, bearings, bushings, etc.. My own little parts store in my garage just to keep it going. In my research, there is a surprising number of mechanical parts shared with the DL/GL platform and the Justy. I bought a NOS steering universal joint from Subaru here in the US that was made back in 1995. This particular part has been discontinued in Japan for quite a while and is not available in Japan or Europe, but it has been sitting quietly in a US warehouse for 24 years waiting for me to put it on my shelf.
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