A couple of people know about this already, but I am excited to say that I am currently in the process of importing a vehicle from Japan. EDIT: It is officially on the boat swimming its way across the Pacific as I type this, so here is the big announcement!

1992 Subaru Sambar SDX Supercharged.

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Dyno Pull!

Quote Originally Posted by Mod List
6th Generation Akabou Sambar Forged Pistons and High-Durability Piston Rings
Défi Advance BF Gauges: 1.2Bar Boost, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp
Défi Advance ZD Multifunction Display
Sony XAV-AX5000 6.9" CarPlay/AndroidAuto Head Unit
Polk DXi461 4x6 Speakers
Kenwood KSC-SW11 Compact Powered Subwoofer mounted behind drivers seat.
Morimoto Sealed7 1.0 LED Headlights
LED 1156 and 1157 Turn Signal and Brake Light Bulbs
24" LED Light Bar from eBay
Mitsuba Alpha II Compact Horns
Subaru OEM Leather Steering Wheel from Subaru Vivio RX-R
Subaru OEM Tachometer Gauge Cluster from a Sambar Dias
Subaru OEM Power Steering from Sambar Dias
Subaru OEM Carpet from Sambar Dias
Subaru OEM Red Valve Cover from Akabou models
Subaru OEM Option Front Fog Lights
Subaru OEM Option Rain Visors
Subaru OEM Option Power Windows
Subaru OEM Option Sambar License Plate Frame
42% Window Tint on door windows
35% Window Tint on rear window
240mm Broadway Mirror
Powdercoated OEM 12" Steel Wheels w/Nankang CX668 155/80R12 tires
FatMat Rattle Trap Sound Deadener
Bullet Liner on bed and bulkhead
Quote Originally Posted by Repairs/Replaced
Complete engine rebuild
All coolant hoses
Exedy Clutch
Front struts, strut mounts, strut bearings.
Ball joints, swaybar endlinks.
Rear shocks.
Replaced both front axles.
Paint touchups/Powder Coat bed sides and wheels
Quote Originally Posted by To-Do List
Power Locks