I have a 2001 Outback that I swapped the steering wheel with an 05 Forester XT and wired the cruise control to work with the newer stalk to avoid the button in the dash. Recently while driving I noticed that when I hit CANCEL or RES that it would turn the cruise on and off. The wiring for the cruise control hasn't changed since I've done this and it worked fine up until I added the JDM HID's /Level switch and a BFM cluster. I don't think any of these would be cause for this wiring to get screwed up for the cruise control because they don't directly relate to the system. Am I mistaken? Anyone that might be able to shed some light please do. I've been messing with the wiring since last night.

When I undo the RES wire RES and CANCEL stop functioning (well you can hold cancel and it slows the car down)
I've checked to make sure that when I wired the leveler switch that I didn't take anything from the cruise control.
I've double and triple checked the wires behind the steering wheel to and from the stalk.
I've checked the fuse (I doubt that would of caused it but worth a shot)
I've checked the ground for the stalk

I'm out of ideas.