Hi guys, my name is Everton, i joined this forum for the first time in 2012 with my old "Red Queen (https://sl-i.net/FORUM/showthread.php?15171-AnãO-BR-s-GL-97-Matte-Red/)" a Legacy matte red sedan. She was my first love to Subaru.

Unfortunately, in 2014 sold my queen, and bought a Honda Fit, but I felt something was missing in my life, so that year, 2017, I went back to where I should never leave, I went back to Subaru!

I found an Outback 1997 (1996 in other countries), I am the third owner, the car is 136k miles, with all the accessories working, which is a bit rare to find here in Brazil, most people end up not taking care of these Cars.

My main priority was to check the mechanics of the car, and to leave everything ok.

My next step are, the JDM headlights, install the Momo steering wheel, and after that, think of suspension and wheel.

Stay tunned in my topic kkkkkkk