While we were finishing up our wrx swapped outback, foohfooh hit me up and let me know he had a green outback he was looking to get rid of. Picked it up and few weeks later with the plan to make a daily so i can stop driving my c3500. Car sat for awhile and when the motor in the swapped wagon let go, we decided to get this one running to atleast have 2 cars again.

Day I brought it home. I was told it had a blown head gasket so I drove home with the heater cranked but the window switches werent connected so the windows were also up the whole way. I had to drive down some roads with the door open it was so hot inside

A little bit later once the swapped wagon was running

So finally i was able to get started. basic head gasket change and new seals/gaskets throughout. Motor was filthy so i took some time cleaning.

Finally got the motor together and in the car. Swapped over our coilovers,wheels and limited interior from other wagon since it wont be running for awhile. Car runs great, currently in the middle of doing front wheel bearings. Only plan now is for some smaller tires and to go alittle(or alot) lower and a good cleaning in and out.