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Thread: EJ22D=153awhp. N/A. With room for more.

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    EJ22D=153awhp. N/A. With room for more.

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    I like this a lot! But i’ll Disagree on one thing, phase-I gear isn’t all inferior. 96-98 was a pretty good time for the phase-I engine. The solid lifter EJ25D in Japan was making 175hp at the crank, stock, without AVCS... the AVCS DOHC EJ254 released in 98 made less power (167hp), in the persuit of economy (though the phase-II does have more potential if you use that AVCS for evil, not for good ). The solid lifter EJ20D (facelift) heads are also superb, they make much more torque than the prior hydraulic EJ20D from the preface lift TS-R. I’ve driven plenty of TS-R’s, and I can tell you now that the facelifts always haul ass compared to the prefacelifts, even though on paper they only made 155hp crank, rather than the pre facelift 150 hp crank. Meanwhile the EJ20K was hitting 280hp crank all day every day!

    So yeah, there are still some gems in the Phase-I world. I’m planning on using some port and polished USDM 25D heads in my next build, they were dyno’d at about 165whp on the last engine, with “street” ground cams. I’m looking to go with some slightly more aggressive cams for my build with those heads. Though that all represents quite a bit of coin. It’s crazy to see how good numbers you can get without any of that.

    For reference i’m Currently running a JDM hydraulic EJ25D, only mod is an EJ20K manifold and large throttle body, and a link ECU. Dyno’d 110hp atw (160hp crank factory for that engine). Still plenty fun, loads of low down torque (a bit more than stock thanks to the tune)

    Keep up the good work! We need more N/A love!
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