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Thread: Hello from NorthWest Arkansas!

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    Cool Hello from NorthWest Arkansas!


    I'm Sean, I have owned my 03' BE for just over a year now and have just completed a major service overhaul... (think $2500)... and have decided to do research on engine swapping later on down the line. I'm looking to go into performance mechanics and open my own shop at some point. I'm 21 in April and am absolutely in love with the Subaru Cult and hoping to become a knowledge freak in all things Subaru performance. My goal is to build a big turbo build EZ36D but I'm still in the process of researching a price comparison between that and a good ol' STI Swap in my L-SE. I love stock looking engine bays and will be making whichever swap I do look like it came from the factory (just as reliable too). I'm also pursuing a job at a local performance shop right now. Looking forward to this section of the Subaru cult

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    Hi Sean, Welcome to the board. Great screen name. I am just finishing up my EZ30D swap into my BK at the moment. I imagine you have seen the Mighty Car Mods guys and their EZ36 Turbo swap?

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    Thanks! That looks like a really clean swap! I actually haven’t seen the entire series but I really want to! Who knows maybe I’ll go twin turbo! Just like the EJ208

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    Welcome, Sean. Sounds a fun project, enjoy!

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