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Thread: 1999 legacy gt all cylinder misfire

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    1999 legacy gt all cylinder misfire

    Hello. I have a 1999 legacy gt and I have been having a weird problem that is driving me crazy. While driving the car it will randomly and violently loose power like it just completely shut the engine off. Every single cylinder will stop firing and the car will start dueling and just as fast it will start running normal. Generally the hole ordeal last a second but every now and again it will shit of for 4 or 5 second or just completly shut off. I have replaced the cam and crank position sensor, checked all of the electrical connections, replaced the spark plugs with the correct double plantum plugs. This problem happened a few months ago and after I replaced the spark plug it had no problem for 3 ish months until today. Now it’s back and I can not figure out what’s wrong. I have done a recen oil change and there was no evidence of motor damage and I have recently inspected the timing belt and it’s parts and found no problems. I just replaced the coil pack and it made it better but the problem is still there. Does any one have any ideas?

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    Did you replaced spark plug cables? If not start with them.
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