So I have a 1999 legacy gt with a 5mt and I was having problems with the engine shutting off while I was driving. Come to find out on the the engine harness connectors was coming loose so I wanted to check down the body side of the harness to make sure it wasn’t shorted anywhere and in the presses of cutting the electrical tape I cut a wire. The problem is that no matter what I do I can not fix this wire and now my car will not start. It actually two wires that are causing the problem. A yellow wire and a gray wire. The two wires separate from the rest of the harness and go into their own thing that is encased in rtv and wrapped in gray electrical tape. The gray wire is attached to a metal braid that wraps around the yellow wire and goes all the way to the ecu I imagine. Both of the wires are cut and even after soldering them back together the car will not start. I and getting codes for the throttle position sensor. Does anyone know if I can fix this? Or do I have to replace the whole harness? I will post a picture of it when I get the chance