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Thread: JDM 3rd Gen Parts Galore - ARC/E'SAM/Prova/STI/JDM/Zerosports Back to stock partout

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    JDM 3rd Gen Parts Galore - ARC/E'SAM/Prova/STI/JDM/Zerosports Back to stock partout

    Selling off some JDM third gen Legacy BE5/BH5 parts and putting the car back to stock. Virtually all of these parts are currently installed on my USDM third gen so they should fit yours. Fitment not guaranteed.

    I'll try to have pictures of everything individually if requested but here's all the pics I have for now.

    Prices are OBO and local pickup. Shipping and PayPal extra.

    In brand alphabetical order:

    Defi BE5/BH5 triple gauge dash pod LHD replica - $175
    Prova carbon fiber hood struts - slight peeling - $125
    Recaro front seats from Mitsubishi Evo 8 with driver side Planted bracket - $400
    STI option 300km/h 10k RPM manual cluster - $275
    STI option stainless steel brake lines - $100
    STI option 5MT shift knob - $75
    Subaru JDM armrest extension - $75
    Subaru JDM leather stitched armrest - $75
    Subaru JDM type D BFM gauge cluster - $100
    Subaru JDM BH5 GT-B type D front end - hood, grill, fenders, bumper, lip, headlights, fog lights, crash beam, core support, AC condenser - $800
    Subaru JDM BH5 tail lights - outers and center garnish, center garnish broken plastic in some spots - $100
    Subaru JDM option grill - $125

    *SOLD* Cusco front strut bar - $100
    *SOLD* ARC carbon fiber hood scoop extension - small crack in the top that's unnoticeable - $125
    *SOLD* E'sam LED turn signal mirror covers on JDM power folding mirrors - $250
    *SOLD* Subaru JDM armrest extension - $75
    *SOLD* Subaru JDM BH5 GT-B aluminum front lower control arms - $200
    *SOLD* Subaru JDM BH5 GT-B Momo leather steering wheel with airbag - $125
    *SOLD* STI door sills - small dings in left front plate, full set of 4 with black plastics - $150
    *SOLD* STI front seats from 2004 USDM STI - $400
    *SOLD* STI option BFM gauge cluster - 10k RPM, 240km/h, automatic with manual faceplate - $450
    *SOLD* STI S401 airbag - $200
    *SOLD* STI pink springs - BE5 fitment - paint peeling - $150
    *SOLD* Subaru JDM BH5 GT-B Bilstein struts - need tophats - $250
    *SOLD* Zerosports radiator cooling plate - $80

    If I missed pictures of anything, let me know. Most things can probably be found in my project thread in my signature if it's not here.

    Some items can be obviously combined (springs and struts, armrest extension with leather lid, etc.) and you'll get a cheaper price if you buy both.

    For the gauge clusters, either repinning your dash harness and buying a different connector is required, or making a custom adapter harness. I made an adapter harness for a plug and play install on USDM cars. This can be included for extra money.

    The headlights and fog lights also have custom adapters for a plug and play install on USDM Outbacks/Legacy GTs that will be included at no charge.

    Some items are already claimed but placing them up here in case they back out. Feel free to ask me any questions.

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