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    brake line

    i have a similar issue as what d1giPhux posted. just trying to figure out if anyone knows by looking at the picture posted below.
    im planning to just get 6 fittings and 2 unions. 4 fittings and the 2 unions will be spliced from the interior underneath the seat (picture below). the other 2 fittings will be used to connect to the brake hose.
    i cut out the 4 way connector and got rid of it completely, will be running the 2 new brake lines from where i splice it all the way to the brake hoses on both sides.
    already bought a roll of brake line that good anti rust stuff, also very similar to what d1giPhux bought. got a hydralic brake line tool flarer to make connections, just gotta flare and make connections now.
    now im just trying to figure out which lines go to what side from the inside (picture below). d1giPhux posted a picture from the 4 way connector saying which line goes to which side. since im just using 1 long brake line on each side to connect to the brake hoses.
    does the top brake line go to the rear passenger brake hose and the bottom brake line go to rear driver brake hose or other way around?
    i believe it doesnt matter which line goes where, but i would just like the correct brake line going to the correct brake hose from how subaru has it.
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