A few months back after letting my legacy sit so long my fuel pump died. I then replaced my fuel pump and everything started up fine. Just the other day I started it up and let it idle for about 30 mins or so then I turned it off. I wanted to move it so I tried to start it up to move it but now it won't start.
It just cranks forever but won't start. I thought I may have bought a defective fuel pump, so I checked the fuel line from where the fuel filter is and I wasn't getting any fuel.
I took out the fuel bracket with the pump still attached and hooked it up directly to battery and the pump works good. I then plugged it up to the harness to listen for it but nothing.
I have checked all fuses and they look good, I read somewhere that the sbf1 and sbf2 (green 30a fuses inside engine bay) are linked to the pump? Well those fuses looked good too.
As of now I'm trying to locate the fuel relay and fuse? Researched a little and it's suppose to be inside way above the fuse panel block? Is the fuel pump fuse next to the relay?
I started unplugging a bunch of harnesses and now I can kind of get to it, it's in a bitch ass spot! I see like 3-4 harnesses way up there, which one is it? There's a brown squareish and the rest are round, i think it's a green and white? It's a little hard to see with everything in the way.
I took a volt meter and measured the volts where the harness is that connects the fuel bracket. I tried many combos and saw some voltage reasons. I was thinking too much and confused myself so I didn't just read it from the ground and power wire. I will continue to diagnosed some more and see what I can find.
Has anyone had this issue before? Any help is appreciated thanks!