EJ22, 4EAT AWD. 1994 Legacy Wagon.

I've read up on a couple half-baked threads throughout the internet but I'd like to see a full-write up of some kind. From what I understand, you must do the following to make your AWD Leggy RWD:

1. Remove front axles
2. Replace stubs in both outer (wheel bearing) and inner (trans) to keep fluid from coming out of the trans and keep the bearings from splitting apart
3. Drop trans
4. Remove/gut center diff and then weld back together
5. Cut power lead to Duty C Solenoid
6. (Recommended) weld the rear diff to better allow power transfer (optionally upgrade to r180/200/230)

Is this really all there is to it? Again, I'd love to see a full write-up or video series or photos of all the steps. Having never worked on an AWD vehicle before, I'm mainly confused about the center diff and how to pull apart the front axles.

Thanks in advance! Here's a shot of the victim candidate!

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