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Thread: New first gen owner in PA

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    New first gen owner in PA

    Hi ya'll. Currently have a 2013 WRX in the garage and came into a new Subaru to add to my fleet of rides, an automatic(only bad part sorta) 1994 Legacy Sport, I've had my eye on that a friend of mine had in high school (circa 2000-2005 she got it).

    It finally bit the dust in terms of her keeping it as her daily. It's spewing oil out of the timing cover and needs ball joints and at that age she just wasn't putting more money into it. It's got 123k on the clock and is in really darn good shape. I picked it up for a couple hundred bucks (basically matched scrap price she was offered and a few extra bucks for holding it for me).

    I joined the forum to learn more about the older Subaru's and see parts compatibility and share my progress. I don't really intend to even rip into the oil leak until mid January as I've got a stack of parts to put on the WRX and some truck work to do before I tinker with this. With any luck cam seals, a fresh oil pump and probably deal with timing replacement gear while i'm in there anyway will take care of the primary issue.

    I did pick up a 2.5RS bumper to see if I can make it work as I've read on a few forums some people have managed to make it work. I am skeptical but I only paid a case of beer for the bumper. The short term plans are a full clean and maintenance of all fluids and whiteline sway bars. The car may see some clearing car work for regional stage rally's and possible STPR.

    If anyone knows of anyone who has used the old (I seen references but no good links for it anymore with age...) method of using a B&M ratchet shifter and disabling the TCU that can walk me through parts and modifications to make it work please let me know . This is just for fun factor

    Hope to enjoy my time with this car and on this forum.

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    Always a fan of the first gen. leggys! Have you check out (our sister forum) legacycentralbbs yet?
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    Welcome to the forum, fellow PAer! That legacy is in amazing shape for being up here in the rusty northeast. It may not be exactly what you wanted, but doing the power mode mod may help you
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