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Thread: (BD/BG/BK) Radio Flyer Wagon Gets a JDM WRX Heart

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    Thumbs up (BD/BG/BK) Radio Flyer Wagon Gets a JDM WRX Heart

    This thread is here to document the engine swap in my car. Hopefully, it'll be helpful to others. Here goes...

    The Radio Flyer wagon in happier days.

    The water pump started leaking on it, and I took it to a local Subie shop. They found that not only was the water pump problematic, but it was eating its third set of head gaskets. Their recommendation was to do $6000 worth of engine replacement to end up with the exact same under-powered engine with the distinct possibility of further head gasket issues.

    So I went a slightly different route, and bought a 2003 JDM EJ205 w/AVCS, plus all the supporting stuff (JDM) for it: ECU, harness, crossmember, MAF, transmission and diff.

    I've never done anything like this...

    I've now begun disconnecting everything in an effort to be ready to pull the engine. The radiator is out, the electrical connections are disconnected, and the AC compressor is disconnected from the engine, but still to the condenser and hoses so it can just be pulled to the side and keep its pressure.

    Which brings me to my first big questions:

    1) Should I pull the engine and transmission together? Block first, and then tranny later? What about the install of the JDM tranny and engine?

    2) Are the wiring connections on the JDM ECU the same as on the USDM ECU (besides the AVCS)? I talked to a guy here a few months back that said he swapped out his ECU (USDM for JDM) for an emissions test, but usually runs the JDM one. Which seems to indicate same wiring...

    3) What is this?
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    1: Separate them, it's hardly more work on you and easier to move around
    2: Yes they are, 2002-2005 WRX Harness is compatible with your AVCS Engine and ECU once you add the few wires in to control it. you can swap a usdm ECU in to pass emissions
    3: that's the old MAP Sensor, etc.. you won't need any of that. your new engine has all that living on the top of the throttle body
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    Thanks Tyler

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