Hello there, one of my first posts on any forum but here we go. (I hope I'm in the right place)

I recently acquired a 2005 legacy gt sedan (wanted a wagon but money was tight) and needed to replace the clutch. Just to throw it out there, this has an EJ20X swap and full bolt ons except for a turbo, but that's mostly besides the point.

Since I have no other car and I'm 2 hours away from all my tools, I had to go in to a shop. I figured "Hey, may as well throw a lightweight flywheel at it" because I felt it was really slow to rev with the dual mass flywheel these came with. So, I purchased an ACT streetlite flywheel, number 600480, and was operating under the impression that it is a WRX flywheel so I would need an 06 WRX clutch disc and pressure plate.

So, I hand it off to the shop and tell em that it needs the 06 parts and they got to work.

Well, I get the car back and firstly notice that my clutch doesn't bite until the very top of its travel and doesn't feel very "bitey" if you know what I'm sayin. I did go and loosen off the master cylinder rod a turn and change in the driver's footwell which at least got the engagement to a slightly more comfortable height, and I played off the weak engagement as just being a fresh clutch (this is my first manual subie).

I still couldn't shake the feeling that something is really wrong here because when you replace a clutch, the engagement point should be *lower* than before because there's more meat to the clutch disc, and I confirmed with ACT that the flywheel has the same stack up height as the OEM flywheel.

ANYWAY, I've got about 900 miles on the clutch and I started to ease into the gas some and to my horror, I reach about 2-3 PSI and the clutch slips pretty badly. So, I quickly get out of the gas and it gently grabs again... It feels like there is preload on the pressure plate, or that it isn't fully letting out all the way, despite the pedal going totally limp when its let out fully. I am genuinely out of my league here and I want to figure out what in the world could cause this before going back to the shop to get it done *right*.

obligatory "I've searched and searched already" and honestly I haven't come up with much of anything besides people being very satisfied with the flywheel and the OEM wrx clutch working like a treat. I just dumped about $3000 into the clutch job, wheel bearings, control arms, and end links, etc, so I am a bit... on edge... to say the least.

Any input is greatly appreciated. IDK what the symptoms of a bent clutch fork or worn TOB or anything would be. I'm in over my head and looking to learn.