Hey all! I just purchased an 07 Legacy Wagon 2.5i with just under 75k on it. Most everything seems great, other than two-ish issues, one of which I'm asking about now. So yesterday when I got to work I sat with the car idling for a few minutes to test the cooling system (I just came from an 01 outback that started pushing coolant out of the radiator so I'm paranoid) and I noticed that the temp just kept climbing. It's my understanding that the fans should kick on by 205 but it got up to 208 before I shut the car off. The fans never came on. I hooked up the green test connectors and the fans cycled as they should in test mode. I was going to dive deeper after work but when I idled in my driveway the fans cycled on fine and kept the temp between 198 and 205. But when I got to work again today the fans once again wouldn't turn on. I let it get to 212 before turning it off. There's no issue while I'm driving and when I bought th car I drove it home for an hour and a half with the a/c on full blast in 95° heat (granted the fans would have been cycling if the a/c was on so...). Any thoughts on why they'd be working intermittently like this? Unfortunately the fsm stops the diagnostic process if the fans work correctly in test mode so I'm lost.