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Thread: Legacy Touring 2.0R

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    Legacy Touring 2.0R

    Hi all

    After my misadventure with a 4th gen Diesel, I owed a few non-Subaru cars, but the Subaru-bug wouldn't let me go. The Outback H6 I still own performs well and always brings me and my family safely and quickly to our destination, but I was missing a 'fun-car'. So, the hunt for something else quickly brought me back to my beloved brand and as of yesterday, my Outback stands alongside a Gen 4 pre-facelift Legacy 2.0R. It has the 165BHP N/A engine with DOHC and was only available for EUDM, JDM and AUDM markets if I'm not mistaken.

    The shell and interior are a bit rough, but nothing to serious. The car just needs some body-work and a few interior panels replaced to be top-notch once more.

    The car is started life as a demo for a large Subaru-dealer and had decent spec compared to other 2.0R and 2.5i that I've seen. Leather, sat-nav and a sun roof were 'normal' and H6's, but are a rare sight on these, so I'm happy.

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    Car passed it's tech inspection today. Had to repair the exhaust in order to have it leakfree, but it's very corroded, so will replace anyway.

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    Love it! RBP is such a good color
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    Thanks Tyler

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    After I'd finished a list of chores around the house, I got into the car's interior. The seats were filthy and sticky, but in good condition. Stripped them from the car, gave them a torough wash and treated them afterwards with some leather reconditioner.

    Car has been smoked in, so will remove center console tomorrow install my O3 generator to help get rid off the smell.

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    Oof! Love that front seat!!
    - Eric
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    So, the car passed it's tech inspection two weeks ago. The exhaust was badly leaking and this is just a temp. fix to have it road legal. Sometimes tech. inspection is a joke, I was surprised they let me pass...

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    - - - Updated - - -

    Since it is finally road-legal, it was time to order some parts. Xmas came early this year.

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    I ordered a cheap exhaust from ebay (just an OEM replacement) till I decide on the way direction this project should take. Belgium is also very strict concerning mods, so it's hard to find legal stuff... I was surprised by how good it fits. The left back box needs some tweaking once the bumper is back on.

    As you can see, I installed facelift tails and removed the towhook.

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    - - - Updated - - -

    And finally, I installed B6 shocks with KYB springs. Just OEM hight.

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