Car: 1997 Legacy GT wagon
I want to replace both fuel senders as one of them is giving up the ghost. Per the fuel gauge, the tank never gets filled, but only takes 10 gallons at the pump. It also only gets about 180-200 miles to go from the "almost full" mark to empty. With an almost 16 gallon tank, the car should see 250-300 miles to the tank. The big giveaway is the gauge not reading correctly.
Anyway, the drivers side sender/jet pump is still available using the original part number. No problem there. The passenger side though...It went from 85111AC000 to 85111AC004. That is now discontinued as well. Do any of you know what the current number would be, or a sender from a different model that works? I checked Subaruparts, and that didn't show anything. I called my dealer who hasn't been much help either.