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Thread: Crash Enburn Reporting for Duty...

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    Red face Crash Enburn Reporting for Duty...

    I own a '98 2.5GT Wagon 5MT in Rio Red (my little red wagon, thus the Radio Flyer, moniker) that I bought new on 11/20/1997. I had been pretty active at NASIOC (member #374) until I moved to Albuquerque from Atlanta in 2002. There wasn't much of a Subie scene here, the Radio Flyer had assumed kid-hauling duties, and within a year I had a set of twins to go with the two little ones I already had. Which pushed us into a minivan and gave me the Subie as my daily again. But four kids and a single income does get in the way of hobbies.

    So, I didn't follow the scene all too much for a good while.

    Fast forward to October of 2017, and the Radio Flyer had pretty well eaten it's third set of headgaskets. The mechanic recommended a total rebuild (including a new shortblock) to the tune of $6000 which would put me right back at having an underpowered NA engine (at 6000', there's not a lot of air to make power with) that is still likely to eat headgaskets.

    So, I got myself a JDM EJ205 w/ AVCS. Came with 5MT + diff, harness, ECU, cross-member, and airbox. Fast-forward another year and a half, and I've created enough room in my garage so as to finally get to work.

    Which is what brought me here... @Tylerhartman posted his BG/BK at NASIOC, and in an effort to find out more, followed his pics back to here. Holy moly! I've never known that so much of this stuff existed! So I've been poring through posts here, trying to absorb as much as I can.

    So, where would one post the "I don't know what I'm doing, what should I do here" and the "what is this thing?" posts? I'll be posting in the Members' Rides section, but don't necessarily want to clog up the thread with a bunch of confusion. Then again, maybe that would be perfect.

    TL;DR: New guy here. Has owned and loved the same car for 21+ years. About to do an engine swap. Desperately seeking the knowledge and approval of the internet.
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