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Thread: fwa's '09 Toyota Crown Hybrid

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    fwa's '09 Toyota Crown Hybrid

    Well, I've finally done it. I got a JDM executive sedan. After lots of searching I kept coming back to Crowns, their reputation and understated luxury always appealed to me so it was a no brainer. WHile searching I learned about the hybrid variants which appealed even more; 300+hp in a full-size sedaan that gets the same or better milage as I get in the Vitz? Yes please! More searching and several test drives later I booked a ticket up to Auckland, took a day off work, flew up, picked up the car, and drove it back down home. So here it is, my 2009 Toyota Crown Hybrid, purchased as a fresh import from Japan (I'm the first owner in NZ) with just a hair over 67,000km on the clock. I am loving it. For a big and heavy car it is also no slouch, reported numbers are 0-100kmh in under 5.5 seconds and based on how it drive I totally believe it. I've gone from the smallest, least powerful car I've owned to the complete opposite and couldn't be happier.

    Basic Stats
    2009 Toyota Crown Hybrid
    -Nautical Blue Metallic (8S6)
    -3.5 L 2GR-FSE (Hybrid) V6
    —350hp (combined)
    -Radar cruise control
    -Digital dash



    Engine and Exhaust

    Suspension, Wheels and Tyres

    To-Do (Stuff that is ready to be done)
    -New tyres

    Planned (Stuff that might happen eventually)


    I tested the DVD playing capabilities of the head unit with an appropriate film...

    Proper video tour coming soon!
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    Wow. That sedan looks real nice! Thanks for posting.
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