Gidday all,

Subie ownership has come to me late in life, I'm 55, in the form of an '08 Lib. GT Spec-B STI station sedan..BP9? still getting my head round the model designation's..only took ownership 6 month's ago and am learning a lot ie. was CVT the product of the Antichrist?
I'm very excited about learning more about Subaru's generally and Lib/Legacy specifically, am already having a "bromance" with the STI....just so dynamically brilliant and a real sleeper! That's a good thing though. right?
Already had heaps of fun tracking down hard to get bit's ie. interior trim I can see as being a bit of a challenge sic. Thankfully. the BP9/BL9 is in pretty rude health and that's where I plan to keep her...feel like a "custodian" and that it's my duty to "preserve" and improve her...all in all. an interesting future challenge.
Hope to share some interest with you over the course of my looong ownership..

Bye for now, David