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Thread: Hi from Texas! 2015 Subaru BRZ with EZ36 in the works from a leggy

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    Hi from Texas! 2015 Subaru BRZ with EZ36 in the works from a leggy

    Hi! My name is Ibrahim. I want to swap in an EZ36 into my BRZ. This is 100% why I am here :-P
    I'm building a pinout guide. I used the Haltech universal pinout as a start and then built a BRZ pinout.
    I'm also working on a EZ36 pinout as well. The end goal is to be able to wire a EZ36 into the BRZ using a Haltech 2500.
    Below is a link to what I'm working on and I have enabled commentary if would like to help me out and contribute.
    Once this is done I want to make it easy access to everyone in need.

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    It's cool; how much will it cost to go from 205hp to 255hp?

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    About as much as the turbo kit I already have on my brz. LOL. I will be keeping my turbo and e85 as well. No one does an engine swap because it's cheap.

    60k miles EZ36D $900
    Haltech 2500 $2000
    Wiring $Free99 because I'll be doing it. Unless I give up and go iWire then that would be $4200 but would include the cost of the haltech.
    I dont know how much the header will cost. But the materials should be cheap enough.

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    I like it and hope you succeed!

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