I recently bought a Gameboy Advance in great condition. I'm glad, too, because this thing really was a good performer. I didn't have a big library of games when I first owned one, but enjoyed some of the titles I had. Now that I know local videogame stores that sell classic titles, I may grab a few of them from time to time.

I actually found a Gameboy Advance cartridge which had 4 THQ racing games in it. Kinda new to me, but SEGA did this with their arcade compilation (Outrun/Afterburner/and a few others). GT Advance racing may be repetitive (and some of the games may require me to write passwords), but I enjoyed it, because mode 7 graphics and because lots of import cars to choose from.

I'll be playing it for a while:

* GT Advance Racing
* GT Advance Racing 2 (rally racing)
* GT Advance Racing 3
* MotoGP