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    What's up everyone! I'm Jereme (or Jeremy if you prefer) and I'm a new owner to a 2006 Legacy Wagon South Carolina It's my third Subaru after the Forester that now belongs to my brother and sits as a companion to my 2005 Outback XT, which is my first.

    I bought it in December 2020 sort of on a whim. My friend and I were moving some mattresses for his parents one Sunday afternoon. While we were on our way to drop them off we passed by some little independent used car lot, and they had the car sitting in the corner and I was pretty much in love immediately. I figured if it was cheap enough, I'd go for it. It was, so I did. It wasn't perfect, but if I wanted perfection, I'd have bought a new car. I'm a decent wrench, so even if it had a few problems, I could deal with them. After all, it's not often Legacy wagons pop up for sale around here, let alone in the same OBP as the Outback. All in all, it's been a solid car.

    I've got a plan for it and have already done a few things to it. I've added Spec B Bilsteins with STi pink springs, Brembos (fronts are done, rear will come soon) Enkei Raijin 18x8.5 wheels with 245/40 Continental Sport Contact tires, full Rev D Spec B front end swap, and Kouki tail lights, and did a P204UN radio/aux jack swap. I have tons of ideas for things I WANT to do, but I'll leave their execution up to the fates for now.

    So that's it for now. Hopefully this one will be with me for a long time to come.
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    Welcome to the forum! Here in Colorado, the Legacy body style is hard to find for that generation. Almost all of them are Outbacks. I looked for one without success. Yours looks great with the Enkies. On a side note, what's up with that Merkur?
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    Welcome! I'm a long-time Subaru fan, once owned a 1998 Legacy GT sedan, Outback, and Impreza hatchback. I can *definitely* vouch for the rarity of a Legacy wagon in my neck of the woods.
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    Thank you! The Merkur is also mine. It had a rough go with it's previous owner who beat the daylight out of it and cheaped out on mods, which is saying a lot because they're not all that expensive to mod to begin with. I've been trying to get it sorted out but it's been a struggle. It runs and drives but it's horrible to drive right now.

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