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Thread: EJ204 change of valves and gasket.

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    EJ204 change of valves and gasket.

    Got new timing belt, but engine is not running correct, so most likely valves are damaged, when old timing belt broke.
    I am looking for good ideas, doing this job, what to do and what not and which parts should be changed, both for obvious reasons, but also if something seems less obvious.

    Plan is to use original parts only, but also to get as many of them as possible on Ebay.

    Engine code: EJ204LTDLB
    Applied model: BP5DL9W
    Transmission type:TY757XTDAB

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    I have no direct experience with the EJ204 but, if the timing belt broke then you are most likley looking at bent valves at a minimum. I would start with checking timing. I don't know what your experience level is but I believe the EJ204 Is a DOHC motor with AVCS. Once you confirm YOUR timing was set correctly, I would remove the heads. Inspect for bent valves and or any other obvious damage. With the heads off and cams set at a neutral position you can check for bent valves. You can pour a liquid in the ports to see if the liquid leaks out. If it leaks it is a bent valve. Next I would check the decks using a straight edge. Heads should be sent to a machine shop of pressure testing, cleaning and surface decking. Look at the cylinder walls for signs of scoring. Look at pistons for signs of damage from valve and piston collision. Personally I would stick to OEM parts. I have no clue how easy OEM parts would be to get for that motor because I believe it is JDM, I have no experience with this. When replacing the head gaskets be sure to use multi layer gaskets vs single layer. Take a look at your valve guides to be sure they are not dropping.

    I don't ussually chime in on threads like this, however, this forum along with others seem to be dying off which is a huge shame. These forums are a couldran of information and it would be a shame to see them go. The least I could do is give my 2 cents to somone trying to utilize the forum.

    I feel like I have to do my due diligence and tell you to use the search feature! Then again....after all these years I still have not mastered the search on this site. It is very difficult to find what you are looking for.

    Moving forward know that I am lurking on the site and as a fellow Subaru fanatic and a Certified Subaru Technician I am here to help when I can.

    Good luck to your EJ endeavors!


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    Thanks a lot for your reply. Fair technical/mechanical understanding, driving Subaru Legacy since 2007 and my son works a a mechanic at a Subaru dealer. The engine is a you describe, timing belt has been changed, and checked again, but engine is not running ok at idle, but sounds normal at 1500-1600 revs. Plan is to dismantle, checking for damages and using OIM parts.
    Any further good ideas are still welcome.

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