I have a '87 VW vanagon into which I inserted a Subaru '94 EJ22 using a popular kit from kennedy engineering.

My question is, does anyone know how I can check for compatibility of the different models of ECU's available? I believe I need to replace my ECU but want to get the right part--especially if there are turbo vs. non-turbo versions.

After a change in California requirements I was forced to take my conversion to the referee, where they refused to register me because they say my ECU has a code indicating a failure of the turbo system. My engine has no turbo and I did not see the same thing being flashed out, but I don't have any scanner for reading more detailed than what 's flashed out on the pre-OBDI-2 engine.
The ECU I was using since the conversion was a 22611-AA381

The VIN of the EJ22 donor = 4S3BC6337R1642585