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Thread: Legacy GTB stalling issues / parts question

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    Question Legacy GTB stalling issues / parts question

    hello, my car a 1996 Legacy GTB with EJ20H engine is having some issues where it will start to stall and then throw a check engine light. it is completely random when this happens. t first when it happened the check engine light came on so I flashed the codes and it came back to be the MAF, so I took it off and cleaned it which fixed the issue for a few days. The issue has now came back which leads me to believe that the MAF its self is faulty and a cleaning wont do it. I have seen forums here saying you will need solder a connection in it to so it aging etc. I do not know how to solder nor do i know anybody so i am going to opt for buying a new MAF. The issue I've ran into with that is I am unsure which part number the vehicle needs as what I'm finding online is that I need part number 22680-AA271 which has the orange label, but the MAF that is on the vehicle is part number 22680-AA280 which has a blue label. So I'm unsure if there is a difference between the parts or if they are the same? I thought possibly the orange label is actually the correct part and the blue is not the one i need and that is why the car is acting up. that could be a possibility since I just bought the car with the issue. The previous owner did not say he took any action to fix the issue, and I have seen the auction report from japan and it said something about the engine running a bit rough so i suspect it could have been the import place that the previous owner bought the car from which put the wrong MAF on? that all being the blue label MAF is not supposed to be on the car. sorry if any of that didn't make sense or something I'm quite new to cars and these forums haha

    with all being said any help or knowledge people have for me would be greatly apricated !!

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    Not sure the exact fitment however I have a 96 GT-B and have been getting my part numbers from just make sure you have your model i.e. (I'm a BG5-5CD 5MT)

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