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Thread: Downpipe Exhaust Query for my Blitzen Legacy

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    Downpipe Exhaust Query for my Blitzen Legacy

    Hi All,

    I have a 2000 Blitzen Legacy saloon. It has an EJ201 engine and twin-turbo setup. I was looking at getting an after-market Downpipe Exhaust for the car. Attached is a pic of the setup. Would it be worth getting ?. What would be the benefits of getting it installed ?, noise-wise, performance and better flow for the engine ?. Also, would I need to have the car mapped afterwards?

    I have a straight thru system already on the car but looking to add to what is already there. The center CAT was removed from the previous owner, Still has the primary CAT. With the downpipes installed, Will I lose the primary CAT that is still attached OR is the CAT attached closer to the engine ?. It passes the NCT in its current setup with the one CAT and straight-through system...

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    a) Its' an EJ208
    b) I've no idea what "NCT" is, but you'll struggle to pass any emissions test with no cats, and removing that cat will also increase noise somewhat (though the small turbine outlet does a pretty good job of reducing noise). Your current setup at least has a cat when in primary-only mode.
    c) Doubt you'll *need* a tune, but the removal of the primary cat plus larger downpipes will lower your boost threshold and likely increase boost on both single and twin.

    I have a similar setup with 2.5" downpipes, 3" post merge, and only a single aftermarket cat on the merged pipe. It definitely spools faster and boosts higher than stock, but I snagged the whole setup at a wrecker for almost no money, so it was a no brainer at the time.

    Honestly, for 400 quid, you'd have a better return just getting a tune.. even an OTS tune (eg: ECUlabs or project lambda tune)

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    I would strongly advise you to get a tune, after doing work regarding how the air gets into and/or out of the engine. It may be okay to throw parts at it, but you won't really see any significant benefit from the small stuff, and the bigger stuff will potentially harm your car without a tune to compensate.
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