Technical Terms:
  • 5MT- 5 speed manual transmission
    6MT- 6 speed manual transmission
    4EAT- 4 speed automatic transmission
    5EAT - 5 speed automatic transmission
    ABS- Antilock Braking System
    AWD- All Wheel Drive
    Bhp- Brake Horsepower
    BOV- Blow off Valve
    CAI- cold air intake
    Cat- Catalytic Converter
    CEL- Check engine light
    CF- Carbon fiber *or* cubic feet
    CVT- Continuously Variable Transmission
    Diff- Differential
    DIN- The standard radio slot (about 7"w x 2"h)
    DOHC- Dual over head camshafts
    Dyno- the “rolling road” where a vehicle’s power is tested
    ECU- Engine Control Unit
    EFI- Electronic Fuel Injection
    EGR- Exhaust Gas Recirculation
    FMIC- Front Mounted intercooler
    FWD- Front Wheel Drive
    HID- High Intensity Discharge Headlights
    HP- Horsepower (at the crank)
    IC or I/C- Intercooler
    Kw- Kilowatts (like HP in the metric system) 1kw = ~1.341 HP
    LHD- Left Hand drive
    LSD- Limited Slip Differential
    MAF- Mass Air Flow Sensor
    MAP- Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
    NA or N/A- Naturally Aspirated
    NOS- Nitrous Oxide Systems
    NGK- maker of spark plugs
    O2- oxygen
    OBD II- On board diagnostics system (95 and up) Also refers to the newest emissions standards.
    OEM- Original Equipment Manufacturer
    PCV- Positive Crankcase Ventilation (valve)
    Pot- number of pistons per caliper (ie: 4 pot brakes)
    PSI- Pounds per square inch
    RHD- Right Hand Drive
    RWD- Rear Wheel Drive
    SC or S/C- Supercharger
    SOHC- Single over head cams
    Speedo- Speedometer
    STi- Subaru Technica International
    Tach- Tachometer
    TB- Throttle body
    T/C- Turbocharger
    TC- Torque Converter
    TCM- Torque Control Module
    TCU- Transmission Control Unit
    TMIC- Top Mounted Intercooler
    TT- Twin Turbo or Turbo Timer
    VC- Viscous Coupler
    VIN- Vehicle Identification Number
    Whp- Wheel Horsepower
    WOT- Wide Open Throttle

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