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2750-950(just for wiring)=1800-400 most for gaskets and hoses= 1400 for just labor for a motor swap... its only a 8hr job (book rate) to replace the motor. that $175 a hour for labor... at they labor rate of $75 an hour you should at least get 18 hours of work done just for mechanical. when we swaped my friends GC8 we only spend 9 hours doing the full drivetrain swap... mechanical wise
You should set up your own shop. You'd make a killing then.
yeah the bad thing is me and wiring.. dont like it.. maybe just because i just did a 20 hour wiring harness on a toyota highlander..
Yeah, that's why ECS started the mailorder wiring merge option...Paul was telling me how they found a nice niche in the market that no one seemed to have thought off.

Send the wiring harnesses to them and just do the mechanicals yourself to save a lot of labor costs.

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How hard is a harness from a wrx engine being put into a 98 BD? I work with electronics tv's and PCB's all I would need is a pinout guide?
It's not hard, it's just very tedious. It also depends on which year WRX/STi you're getting your parts from...IIRC the 02's were the easier to swap into the older models because of some sensor differences.

Though I know there's some people that just do the 12 wire splice thing...not the most thorough, but I guess if you just want to get the engine to turn the wheels...